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20 Reasons America Rocks in 2020


Why America Rocks

No other country in the course of history has given so much good to humanity in such a short amount of time. Whether you like it or not, America is the epitome of the entire world.

Don’t think so? Ask anyone anywhere outside of America if they would trade trade places with you and why… I’ll wait.

Captain America back off funny

For some reason, this “America Sucks” attitude has been the theme of 2020 so far and frankly, I’m sick of it.

In observation of independence Day, I sought to set the record straight and share 20 reasons America rocks the socks off of every other country. Even in 2020.

1. American Ideas

Colbert Report America rocks

In a nutshell, here’s how to create the kickass nation known as America:

  1. Take the most motivated, hard-working rebels from across the world, give them free speech, guns, limited government, property rights and personal freedom.
  2. Allow them a couple hundred years to rapidly expand across the North American continent and create institutions that spread the call for freedom worldwide.
  3. Be the best. Continue being the best. Share how to be the best. And defend the things that led us to this point ferociously.

2. American Creativity

Look at any major creative industry and you’ll notice one thing… they’re all American. The American spirit is one of exploration and innovation. Can’t conquer something? We’ll create instead!

Captain America funny

3. American Inventions

Here’s a list of things NOT invented in the United States. Everything else you can put in the “win” category for Team America.

America rocks useless inventions

That’s right, Americans invent a lot of stuff. Look around your immediate surrounding? Sure, it may have been manufactured in China. But the idea probably came straight from the head of a red-blooded American.

4. American Weather

A diverse country indeed! Especially when it comes to our climate. America is home to a wide array of climates and microclimates. Whether you like rain, snow, sleet, sun, or shine, there really is something for everyone.

America rocks man with flag in hurricane

5. America’s Fight Against Evil

There’s no other way about it, communism is evil. While people are worried about a virus, marxist ideology has started to manifest physically in our streets. Communism is a cancer that kills everything it touches. Luckily, marxism is no match for traditional American values. Whatever evil threatens the world, America usually takes the lead in sussing it out.

America rocks against Coronavirus Scooby Doo meme

6. American Immigration

We are a land of immigrants. America is one of the very few countries where nationality is not determined by ethnicity, language, or religion. For this reason, people around the world crowd in line to grab a slice of American proverbial pie.

America rocks on immigration gif

Anyone who accepts and demonstrates American ideals as their guiding principles (citizen or not) are American by me. And I’ve found most Americans tend to agree with that basic assessment.

7. American Women

Miss Hawaiian Tropics Class of 2019

America is home to beautiful women from across the globe. With such a diverse genetic population, we sure do produce some good lookin’ gals. As diverse populations continue mixing and mingling on American soil, we can look forward to many years of gorgeous American women to come.

8. American Farmers

First they went from pitch forks to firearms to fight for freedom. In fact, America’s heartland is usually the one to answer the call to service whenever the world is in trouble.

Farming summertime in America rocks meme

But, when American farmers aren’t off fighting fascism in foreign lands, their busting their ass to feed people in those same famished countries.

9. American Military

We’re reigning back-to-back world war champions for a reason. America’s military is force to be reckoned with. Literally. Whenever there is ANY security issue worldwide, people turn to America to save the day. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.

10. American Constitution

America created one of the most perfect legislative documents known to Mankind.

Founding fathers America rocks meme

The Constitution has influenced a little less than 200 free countries around the world who have created their own governments in our likeness.

11. American Medicine

Coronavirus American cure meme

As with any pandemic, the world is looking to America for the Covid-19 cure. And like always, we will find one and save human lives across the globe. It’s just what we do.

12. American Innovation

Americans are innovative geniuses who create more patents, trademarks, and copy-writes than any other country. Year after year.

Internet porn meme

In fact, you can thank America for the internet, personal computer and smartphone right now. You are reading this article, aren’t you?

13. American Abolition

America ended slavery. Sure, abolitionism may have its roots in European intellectual circles.

American slavery SJW meme

But, America did the deed and severed the serpent head of this undeniably evil institution. Unfortunately, the world has been much slower to follow suit.

14. American Dollar

America has a stable currency that is used as the global standard of trade. This also makes English the international language of business.

Donald Trump American dollar

In any country I’ve visited worldwide, those who accept Americanism and learn the language almost always belong to the upper class of their respective societies.

15. American Energy

We created the atomic bomb and nuclear power, the original clean, renewable energy source. In fact, We continue creating technologies for more efficient energy production. Algae that makes gasoline from slaughterhouse leftovers, the lithium-ion battery and infrastructure for mass productions and utilization of electric cars and of course, fracking.

Oil well fire gif

16. American Car Culture

Americans are fiercely independent. This can’t be more clear than the fact that most American cities are designed for automobile access. America has a deeply engrained car culture. For this reason, we have both produced and embraced some of the finest automobiles known worldwide.

American monster truck gif

17. American Quality of Life

American has a remarkably high quality of life. Even our own poor are far better off than the poor (and often middle classes) of other countries.

Poor people obese funny meme

Do you make more than $3 a day? Congratulations! You are one of the wealthiest people in the world.

18. God, Guns and Jesus

Who needs to go to the middle east when we have the real holy trinity born and bred stateside. In case you didn’t know, God is from Texas and Jesus is from Louisiana. And what’s the best way to defend The Big Man and Big Man Jr? Pure firepower. There’s a reason America’s birthday is Jesus’ half birthday.

Jesus with pistol

19. American Culture

America has a profound cultural influence globally. In fact, I’d argue our largest export is actually American culture. We produce the best actors, artists, comedians, intellectuals, literature, magicians, musicians, theater, technology, writers… and so on.

Family Guy American Dad

America takes something good, makes it better, and shares it with the world.

20. The World is A Better Place Because America Rocks

The world is a better, more peaceful, prosperous, place because of America. Anyone who says differently has either deliberately chosen to ignore this facts on a daily basis or hasn’t done much world traveling.

American map of world

Are you on team America rocks?

When it comes down to it this Independence Day, you essentially have one of two choices:

  1. Be apologetic and cow-tow to the current “Down with America” zeitgeist destroying our collective conscious and attempting to murder the American spirit
  2. Celebrate the American spirit with family, friends, and fireworks to remind the world America rocks!

I wrote this article. What have you done to show America rocks?

Care to add anything to this list? Be sure to comment!

America rocks fourth of July

Happy birthday America!

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