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3 Most Masculine-Smelling Bar Soaps for Men


Why I started caring about bar soaps for men

If you’re like most guys, you probably haven’t given much thought to your shower regimen. However, when it’s time to spritz the pits and rinse the raisins, you’ll want to make sure you have only the best of body soaps for men at your disposal.

Best soaps for men shower map funny
Focus on the red zones

Until recently, I’d just buy whatever shit was on sale at the grocery store and slather God-knows-whatever chemicals onto my skin.

As I started treating my body with increased care and stopped being so damn cheap when it came to hygiene, I eventually voyaged into the wonderful world of specialized soap.

Criteria to determine the best bar soaps for men

My initial selection criteria to determine the best soaps for men? Don’t smell like shit or cost more than a few bucks. Additionally, I didn’t want anything that would wreck my skin or support a mainstream man-hating corporation.

Ben Stiller face against sweaty, fat man Along Came Polly
Don’t assault others with your BO

When I train, I train hard. I also tend to run a bit hot temperature-wise. For this reason, I also need something that doesn’t leave me smelling like a wet dog. Nor should the scent offensively overpower the nostrils of innocent others.

People say scent is the most memorable sense. Assuming this is true, be sure to smell your best at all times, to avoid being associated with a row of fly-infested Porta-potties, stewing during a summertime concert.

Like you, I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing or where to begin. I was just seeking a solid soap for men to step up my hygiene game.

Men vs women how to choose hygiene products funny
A single bar of good soap is all the versatility you really need

Luckily, I’ve done some experimentation and am pleased to point you in the right direction.

Since I’m no expert on all things suds-centric, I’ll instead share the three staples in my soap collection.

1. Nubian Heritage – African Black Soap

This was my first foray into non-store-bought bar soap for men. First impression, the soap smells great. It’s not an overly masculine scent but definitely doesn’t smell springtime fresh or anything fruity like that. Even well into the day, I can still smell my skin and be genuinely pleased.

African black soap for men
Nubian Heritage (African Black) Soap for Men

I’d never been into hoity-toity soaps before and still don’t really understand the hype. But, I do notice that my skin feels fantastic with this stuff. It probably has to do with that bit of oats infused in the shea-butter soap base.

For this reason, the soap grittier than back-alley blues, but it really does scrub all the dry shit away. Leaving you with skin so smooth that chicks can’t help but stroke you.

Thankfully, I’ve never really suffered from skin issues. For those that do, many reviewers claim that it quickly clears up acne, eczema or easily-irritated skin. I do have pretty oily skin and notice that the soap does initially dry me out. Luckily, after a couple of hours, my skin feels perfectly hydrated instead of a walking, talking human grease trap.

The only downside to this soap is that it leaves a ridiculous amount of black residue in your shower. If you have frequent guests, they’ll likely comment on the public-restroom appearance of your porcelain. At first, I thought this was a small price to pay for some awesome feeling, fully-exfoliated skin. After a while, it does get annoying when girls begin to wonder if my tub has been used to waterbirth the anti-Christ.

Due to the scent and overall wonderful feeling skin, this is still a solid soap in my arsenal. Hell, I even lather it up and use it on my head and beard hair also.

2. Pre de Provence – No 63

I don’t recall how I came across this soap initially. If memory serves, I think I was browsing through Amazon recommendations and was sold on the presentation and stellar product reviews. However, I ended up stumbling upon this gem, I’m glad I did.

Pre de Provence No 63 Soap on a Rope for Men
Pre de Provence (No 63) Soap on a Rope for Men

The first thing you’ll notice about this soap is that the fragrance is simply amazing. It has a warm but sweet, spicy, yet unmistakenly-masculine scent. Reviewers describe it as peppery. Made of mild citrus balanced by cedarwood, plum, and violet. All built on a base of leather and tobacco.

This soap is supposedly made of high-quality fats and all-natural ingredients that don’t dry the skin. Due to the milled manufacturing process, a single bar will last a long, long time. This soap lathers up very well and many have claimed to have successfully used it as a shave soap

Unlike the gritty nature of my other soaps, this selection is slick and protective. For that reason, I started buying the soap on a rope version to stop slippage. It’s also convenient to hang it from my shower head rather than having it slide around my soap slab and shower. The rich and slick feeling is probably the only negative I’ve experienced. If you don’t have greasy skin, this likely won’t be an issue.

Overall, the scent of this soap has me mesmerized. Washing with a full, rich, fatty lather is an enjoyable experience as well. I’ve probably received the most positive female feedback when selecting this soap as part of my morning routine.

3. Tactical Soap – Durden

Definitely the most interesting of this batch. I discovered this soap through perusing the Manosphere. Although the premise of pheromone infusion might remind you of the back-page Hustler ads of yesteryear, support of this product provides direct support to men on the same mission as you and I.

As an official sponsor of many Red Pill channels and events, and since I prefer to purchase products that support a solid cause (and boycott those that don’t), I buckled down and gave this bad boy a try.

Tactical Soap (Durden) for Men

Of the various Tactical Soap fragrances, I decided to go with Durden due to the cedarwood scent. Use of this soap claims to amplify masculinity and attractiveness to women. Even if you think the whole pheromone schtick is bullshit, the sheer perception of dominance cedarwood projects to the olfactory senses cannot be denied.

The small company’s owner states “If the only mission your soap has is to get you clean, then it’s time to step up.” He’s right. This soap delivers. In fact, the aroma is so undeniably masculine, even I feel like fighting or fucking myself the minute I step out of the shower.

My first impression, aside from the overpowering cedar scent, is that this soap is fatty, gritty, soft and slippery. All at the same time. It provides a solid scrub with enough flex to glide across the contours of a muscular manscape. Although it produces a very light lather, it doesn’t create enough thick, creamy suds that would be suitable for shaving.

So if you like a strong alpha scent, want an all-natural, skin-cleaning soap that lasts AND support men on a mission of self-improvement, this one’s for you.

Best soaps for men summary

Personally, I like all three (hence the article) and use them with regularity for the following reasons:

  • African Black Soap – I’m looking to deep clean my skin and my shower
  • No 63 – I want to enjoy my shower experience and leave with silky smooth skin
  • Durden – I’m in the mood to feel like a badass motherfucker fixin’ to tear shit up

Try all of the best soaps for men

Buy all three and pick your favorites. I often use them in tandem with one another. Sometimes all at once.

Barbell bicep curl in tandem
Never hurts to work in pairs

On Saturdays, I get especially gritty after being outdoors or ridiculously stinky and sweaty after hitting the gym. These are my go-to options when I’m freshening up and looking for that extra “oomph” before hitting a night on the town. 

Have any other sud-gestions? Share your experiences or recommendations in the comments below.

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