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5 Best Gas Station Keto Snacks (Available Everywhere)


Who buys gas station keto snacks?

Are you a guy (or gal) on the go who needs access to gas station keto snacks at all times? This quick read is just for you.

gas station keto snacks girlfriend

I’ve been on some form of the keto diet for the past 5 years and can’t imagine my life without it.

The only problem? It is quite difficult to encounter keto-friendly snacks that are widely available anywhere.

Luckily for you, there is a very simple solution.

Gas station keto snacks

Gas station keto snacks are your answer.

Since gas stations are usually open at all sorts of odd hours, there really never is any reason you should be without healthy keto snacks. Unless you are in a spotty area of town or in the middle of west Texas 700 miles away from the next human.

Bucee's billboard for gas station keto snacks
Always worth it.

Since you have an internet connection (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) we can also assume you live somewhere near a gas station.

So next time you’re out and about and need a quick pick-me-up, check out these best gas station keto snacks for anyone on the go.

1. Pork rinds

Find yourself stalking the snack aisle when you should be at the butcher? Grab a sack of pork rings and bite into that crisp you miss.

Gas station keto snacks pork rinds not koser
I do not recommend pork rinds as part of a kosher diet.

Don’t like pork rinds? Buy some chicharrón from the hispanic food section. Then, squeeze some lime and top with Tapatio sauce. This should help get rid of the pig fart aftertaste.

PRO TIP: I also keep large bags of chicharrón in the pantry to use as breading for keto fried foods! 

Opt for this snack option when you get a craving for something crunchy.

Who would think that deep fried pork skin could be so healthy!

2. Peanuts 

Need some extra fat in your diet? Peanuts are your go-to gas station keto snacks.

For me keto gets pretty tough at times. And not because of the hunger pains, which, typically go away fairly quickly. It’s surprisingly more difficult to get the required fat into my daily diet. No problem here with peanuts.

For those who are keto adapted, we know the importance of dietary fats for providing us with energy.

Planter's peanut guy at Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade gif
Beloved everywhere.

Literally sold at every gas station in America for pennies, peanuts are your best friend for smashing some quick calories and provide enough dietary fat to not completely pass out.

A few ounces will give you a few hundred calories and not cost more than a few bucks max.

NOTE: Substitute for another nut if you happen to be have peanut allergies. 

3. Pickles 

Bet you didn’t know calorie-free food actually existed did you? Well, no joke here. Nothing will satiate your savory tooth like a like a salty tickle of a pickle.

Vlasic pickle stork
Wonder why he’s a stork?

It’s really nothing more than cucumbers cured in salt and vinegar. When you’re days deep into the diet and pissing pure purple on the keto strips, some extra sodium will actually help to replenish lost electrolytes.

Traveling through Texas? Then give a cash register plastic pickle a try. They’re literally sold statewide.

At home? Buy the big ass jar and save the liquid. I use pickle juice to season meat and keep the lean cuts of meat from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Like to throw back a drink, or two, or twelve? Grab a glass of pickle juice as a homemade hangover remedy. Pickle juice is essentially the keto version of Gatorade.

4. Cheese 

I’m typically not much of a cheesehead. Except for when I find myself in middle-of-nowhere America and realize I haven’t eaten since… lord I can’t remember.

Again, the problem with this diet protocol is that you often don’t eat enough. No worries my friend. Just add cheese to conquer keto with a breeze.

keto diet meme burger with too much cheese
My kind of keto

Unless you’re an aspiring artist, don’t worry about the fanciness of your fromage. The Shell station sharp cheddar should suffice.

Check the label here too. Some cheeses sneak a ton of carbs in there. Since this is keto, you’ll want the highest fat and lowest carb variety of cheese you can find.

Short of protein? Pair with another gas station snack on this list. Especially this next one!

5. Best Gas Station Keto Snack: Beef Jerky

The ultimate kind of gas station keto snacks (for me) is beef jerky!

I simply can’t get enough of it. Or any jerky for that matter. Beef, pork, turkey, buffalo or elk meat doesn’t matter.

Beef jerky moisture packets gas station keto snacks funny
Them are fightin’ words right ‘der!

This protein-powered, salt-supplemented snack is my go-to for a full flavor experience. Yes, jerky can be a bit pricey, which is why I treat it like a treat.

The great part is you can find it just about anywhere.

Be sure to read the label so you don’t accidentally down a salt-loaded sugar bomb. Jack Links normally sells bags with 5 grams or less carbs per serving.

Unless you’re a complete keto nazi, you should be ok as long as you don’t exceed 50g carbs in a day.

Buy Gas Station Keto Snacks Today!

Although the keto diet is gaining popularity across the nation (and world), the availability of keto-friendly foods is still fairly limited.

Sugar in koolade not keto funny

Hopefully, these gas station keto snacks will help you out whenever you find yourself in the middle of a keto crisis.

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