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5 Diet Lies That Keep You Fat Forever


Why diet lies exist

There is no good reason to be fat. Despite all the body positivity bullshit the media spews, every single person on the planet knows that being overweight is far from healthy. It’s also gross.

Diet lies meme. Michael Moore, I'm not fat, I'm just full of shit
All fat people lie

Furthermore, everyone over the age of 5 knows which foods and habits are healthy and those that are not. Yet, most people are still walking, talking tubs of lard and literal ticking time bombs just waiting for heart failure or diabetes. 

Would you take tax advice from a homeless person? 

How about board a plane with a blind pilot?  

Then when it comes to diet advice, why would you listen to your average office idiot whose physique clearly communicates they don’t know what they’re talking about?

Out of shape people feed themselves excuses to save face. It’s much easier to come up with a reason to why you can’t do something than take accountability and make the changes necessary to live a higher quality life. 

When it comes to dieting, we see these excuses everywhere.

Luckily, you can choose to stop being average and start living optimally.

But first, we need to get you the fuel and physique necessary to start kicking ass in life.

To start, let’s examine 5 diet lies that keep you fat, people tell you in an attempt to keep your fat forever.

Diet Lie #1: Purchasing healthy food is too expensive

This is likely the most common diet lie you’ll hear when it comes to getting your diet in check.

And there is an element of truth if you’re looking to buy a bunch of prepackaged crap that doesn’t leave you nourished or satiated.

Sure, it’s easier to buy a box of cookies or bag of chips and get a day’s worth of caloric content for a few bucks.

Buy pizza for $20 or nutritious food
Do the math

However, this will leave you severely deficit nutrition-wise. And you’ll likely end up being a big fatass if you choose to eat this way.

Despite what internet marketers tell you, not all calories are created equal. Yes, you need to be in a deficit to lose weight. But, I don’t advocate the “skinny fat” look. Just because the number on the scale is going down, doesn’t mean you’ll look good if you’re still eating crap. Deficit or not.

The key is ensuring you’re eating nutrient-dense foods.

You’ll also need to relearn how you shop. A simple rule is to stick to the perimeter of the supermarket. There is no reason you need to go to the middle of an aisle.

Since your diet should be meat-based, it’s really not hard to check the local ads and take advantage of any specials. You’ll often find chicken breast on sale for a buck a pound. Good beef can be had for a few bucks a pound.

Diet Lie #2: You shouldn’t eat too much meat

This is another one of those diet lies that keep you fat is based in half-truths.

If you’re consuming loads of fatty steak every day and slamming it down with donuts and full-sugar soda, you’re going to have problems.

What most lazy losers don’t tell you is that the combination of fat and carbs is what’s causing your health problems. Blaming meat for your problems is akin to quitting cardio because you’re a pack-a-day smoker and your lungs can’t handle the load.

Base your meals in meat.

Giant meat platter as vegetable tray
My favorite vegetable

When it comes to fat vs. carbohydrates, pick one or the other.

I’m personally a proponent of the low-carb approach since I like being big, lean and strong. If you prefer the powerlifter look, go leaner on the cuts of meat to offset increased carbs.

Look around you. There’s a reason everyone lean and muscular eats mostly meat. Now, look at your typical land whale waddling through Wal-Mart.

What are they throwing in their cart? Yah, don’t eat that.

Don’t even think about going vegetarian or vegan, unless you want to be gaunt, weak, anxious and malnourished.

As a man, red meat will give you all you need nutrition-wise. Remember, nutrition density is what we’re after. There is nothing more nutritious, pound-for-pound than meat. Furthermore, you must include saturated fat in your diet to properly produce hormones.

Sure, I’ll add some veggies here and there, but they’re really not necessary and I don’t really dig the additional bloat.

You’re a fucking man. Eat like one.   

Diet Lie #3: Eating clean is bland and boring

Think meat is bland?

Only if you’re lazy, a shitty cook or lack any sort of creativity is this remotely true.

Can’t cook? Learn.

Seasonings and homemade sauces (I highly recommend mixing powdered ranch with avocado) will become your new best friend. Although in reality, all you really need is salt and pepper to properly season a steak.

Diet lies about meat being bland
Just say “no” to bland meat

Sure, eating baked chicken breast every day would suck ass.

But, I wouldn’t know, since I have more than one neuron to rub together.

Yes, you’ll get sick of eating the same shit day in and day out if you don’t get adventurous. Fortunately, the risk of boring and bland food will force you to experiment with your preparation methods.

For me, that’s the most fun part of the journey.

I often buy the same ingredients multiple days in a row and end up with completely different dishes. When I have company, I’ll even prepare traditional “non-healthy” dishes with my muscle-optimizing substitutions.

My guests have never noticed.

Keto pork chops with pork rind breading, cauliflower mash and psyllium husk gravy taste exactly the same as the real thing, with a bit of practice.

Once your body gets used to digesting real food, you’ll be surprised at how disgusting you feel when you do slip up and eat what “normal” people eat. 

Diet Lie #4: Meal planning and prepping is too time-consuming

Now that you’ve decided to not be lazy, you’ll need to prepare your own food. Aside from not being expensive, it’s also not time-consuming. Again, unless you’re a complete idiot.

Meal prep giant steak on grill
Meal prep done right

When you’re planning meals, always use the protein as a base. I seriously can’t overstate taking advantage of your local meat specials.

Experiment with different spices, vegetables and homemade sauces to add some flavor to your base.

Since you should only be eating one meal a day, you don’t need to cook often. I buy all my food fresh immediately before I cook and usually have a meal ready within 30 minutes.

Compare this to preparing multiple meals a day or even heating something prepackaged.

I routinely track my meal-prep time and can even make more complex cuisine in less than an hour, tops. Invest in a good cast-iron pan or electric skillet.

If you prefer to prep a week’s worth of meals at once, pre-cook your protein at once. Throwing a shit-ton of chicken on a baking sheet or slow-cooking a crockpot of pork tenderloin literally takes no time at all. And then you’re set for the week. 

Now imagine all of the fun things you can do with the extra time you’ve learned to save yourself.

Diet Lie #5: Your body will go into starvation mode if you don’t eat often

This is my favorite bullshit lie promoted by weak-minded and food-addicted individuals.

Are you able to grab a handful of fat anywhere on your body? There’s your energy. That’s all fat is. Stored energy.

Fat man "I beat anorexia"

I can’t tell you how often fat people look at me with a straight face and feed me this garbage.

Why would you think you wouldn’t have energy when you can look in the mirror and literally see energy hanging from your frame in the form of fat?

Furthermore, the biological benefits like increased HGH production, cellular waste removal, and repair via autophagy and the laser-like focus are undeniable.

Now, if you’re not used to eating once a day, you may feel a bit weak at first. Combine that with keto, and you may even feel a bit ill, which is known as the keto flu.

No need to worry. This is just your body withdrawing from all the bullshit you’ve been feeding it. Consider it a comedown from years of food addiction.

Would you tell an alcoholic to not stop drinking because the withdrawal sucks? Don’t be stupid. Once you get through these initial few days of not feeling well, you’ll be glad you did.

I’ve been on the OMAD (one-meal-a-day) protocol for three years now and have never had an issue with gym performance, getting quality sleep or having energy throughout the day.

In fact, I’ve even been doing more regular prolonged fasts (48-72 hours) and the euphoria, focus and regenerative feeling are far more addicting than a quick sugar fix.

Stop following diet lies

So there you have it. You need to ignore right now these top 5 diet lies that keep you fat.

Next time you hear something so clearly stupid, look at the person giving you the “advice”.

Fat man as personal trainer giving diet lies
Can’t wait to hear his diet advice

What do they look like?

Do you want to look like them or would you rather be a lean, mean, muscled machine? 

When it comes to dieting, things really aren’t as difficult as they seem once you start sifting through the bullshit and ignoring diet lies that keep you fat.

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