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7 Reasons the Electric Skillet is King of My Kitchen


Do you own an electric skillet?

I love my electric skillet.

There are secrets we take to our grave. 

Others, we share only with our most intimate friends. 

I have a certain secret that I’ve been holding onto for a long time. 

A secret not suited for even my most intimate lover.

Today, that all changes. I’m coming clean. And shouting this little-known fact from a mountaintop. 

I’ll repeat, I love my electric skillet. 

Copper Chef electric skillet
Copper Chef electric skillet

Being a complete carnivore, I’m also an avid (albeit amateur) griller and cast-iron connoisseur. Occasionally, I’ll even cook some soups and stews in a dutch oven. My meals follow a simple formula. Quick, easy, flavorful, nutritious and cheap. 

My time is precious, and I don’t like to waste it slaving away over a stovetop. For that main reason, I practice OMAD intermittent fasting. Naturally, I’m always looking for ways to streamline meal prep without sacrificing satiety.     

Then there was you.

How I found best electric skillet

I was in the middle of moving into a new condo and out buying the basic Wal-Mart essentials. Nothing more, nothing less.

This day just so happened to be black Friday.

Black Friday at Wal-Mart, electric skillet sale
Like herding cats

$20 vacuum? Score. $10 plate and silverware set? You bet your sweet ass.

As I’m standing in line with my overflowing cart, I can’t help but notice something shiny staring back at me. 

I thought over and over… do I really need this?

Shit, why the hell not. It’s only $20.

Normally, I don’t buy worthless items, but this time was different. 

In a moment of weakness, I made an impulse buy. A purchase I will never regret.

That was the day I brought home my Copper Chef Electric Skillet.  

Since that day, the copper-colored kitchen appliance has sat proudly upon my countertop, waiting to be fed. 

Below are seven reasons I absolutely love my best electric skillet.

1. Cheap to own and operate

You might not score a $20 Copper Chef skillet at a Black Friday sale. But, even at full retail price, an electric skillet is still a solid investment. 

Currently, my skillet runs for less than $50 on Amazon

Look son, a cheap person

Say you only use your skillet once a week. In a year, that’s a dollar per meal. Might seem high, but once you factor in the time-savings, the initial cost is well worth it. 

2. Heats up immediately

When it is time to power on me sweet best electric skillet, she heats immediately. 

Man on fire
Better be ready to handle the heat

Sometimes I’ll even forget I’m preheating as I’m chopping veggies or trimming meat on the side. By the time I finish prepping, she’s more than ready to handle whatever I throw at her. 

3. Nothing sticks

Regardless of the amount (or lack) of cooking fat I use, food just doesn’t seem to stick.

Burnt food on pan
Not with an electric skillet

Sure, an egg or two might leave a small brown streak. This is extremely rare.

Of course, I imagine you could have issues with burning. But, you’d have to be a terrible cook, best electric skillet saboteur or a complete dumbass to seriously burn something. 

4. Quick and easy

I like my meals fresh, homemade and fast.

The best electric skillet is one of the only cooking methods that allow me to literally set it and forget it.

Ron Popeil set it and forget it
Sorry, Ronco

Toss in a pound of ground beef, turkey or pork with diced veggies, seasoning and whatever sauce I select for the night. And there’s my meal. 

5. Simmer and shower

I do take a few minutes to actually make sure my meat browns correctly before tossing in any other ingredients.

As long as there’s enough fat or liquid and not too high of a temperature, burning is never an issue.

Pro tip: I eat a lot of pickles as keto snacks. If you’re looking to eat lean and want to stay away from fats, pour a bit of pickle juice in the pan for reduced sticking and added flavor.


At this point, I’ll reduce to a slow simmer and take a quick spritz as the flavors continue to stew. 

6. Keeps cooked food warm

As an OMADer, it takes me a long time to fill my belly with 2-3 pounds of food in one sitting.

OMAD giant dinner meat possible with electric skillet
Typical OMAD dinner

Serving myself all at once is not an option. It literally won’t fit on a single plate.

My food will certainly be cold an hour later. Not with an electric skillet.

Reduce to the warm setting and boom! You’ve now turned your skillet into your own personal hot plate.

7. Simple cleanup

When you’re done eating, simply soak your skillet in warm, soapy suds.

Don't use too much dish soap with electric skillet
Don’t use too much dish soap

After eating, I’m usually right back at work until bedtime.

When it’s time to wind down for the night, give the pan a quick swipe of the sponge and follow up with a warm water rinse. Wipe dry and done. Clean up is a breeze! 

Buy an electric skillet today

And there you have it. I’m officially out of the kitchen closet.

Yes, I still use my other cookware often.

Doubles as a weapon

But during those long days or late nights where I want to whip up a 20-minute nutritious meal, my electric skillet is my go-to solution. 

Again, I never thought I’d admit this publically. But, here we are.

I love my electric skillet.

Don’t believe me? Go out and buy your own.

I’m sure you’ll love yours too.

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