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7 Signs You May Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy


What makes a man a man? 

This is the primary question on the minds of most men seeking self-improvement. 

Sure, there is a myriad of responses that might mark a man’s masculinity.

But, when it comes down to the bare bones of the question, there’s really only one thing that sets men apart from the fairer sex.


Why testosterone replacement therapy?

It is widely known that testosterone is the single most important male hormone.

This primary male sex hormone is not just responsible for giving you steel-strength stiffies and an insatiable “fuck anything that walks” sexual appetite.

Don Draper seated in powerful pose
Cool, calm, confident and collected

It’s literally the base hormone that regulates (or influences) just about every male bodily function.

Your genetics serve as the bodily blueprint for muscle mass, fat distribution, bone density, immune function, etc. Testosterone is the aggressive foreman who brings everything together and actually gets things built.   

When you’re feeling less than optimal, low testosterone likely has something to do with it.

Testosterone replacement therapy is simply a medical protocol designed to restore your optimal male hormonal levels.

Not all doctors prescribe testosterone replacement therapy correctly

Most doctors today prefer to scratch the surface of the issue by treating only the symptoms of low T. They’ll start by prescribing all sorts of brain-altering, psychiatric medications like SSRIs. Then they push more pills to treat the side effects of the first pill.

Unfortunately, meds almost never do the trick. They may alleviate the symptoms, but your underlying mood and physical well-being still suffer.

In fact, many leave you more messed up than before and cause a new slew of even more serious symptoms. 

You’re better than that. Stop fucking around with pharmaceuticals and let’s investigate the potential cause of your mediocrity.

Low testosterone. 

Before you go buying vials of test and blasting your ass with a handheld harpoon, let’s take a gander at some symptoms first.

Here are 7 signs you should consider testosterone replacement therapy. 

1. Sexual Dysfunction

Any subpar symptoms surround the topic of sex could point to low T. 

Reduced drive, issues getting your soldier to salute, and weak or dry loads are all possible indicators of low testosterone.

Special officer doofy salute
Special Officer Doofy, reporting for duty

“Sometimes I’m just not in the mood“… Said no high-test man ever.

As men, we often get a bad rap for wanting sex anytime, anywhere.

Don’t listen to that horseshit.

When all is right hormonally, you should feel ready to go whenever the opportunity arises. 

2. Negative Reactions from Women

No sexual opportunities you say? There’s your next sign of low testosterone.

Regardless of what the mainstream low T, beta, soy boy losers tell you, women like masculine men. Period.

If you constantly repulse women with your mere presence (be honest here), then you may need to do some T-related triage ASAP.

Balls deep in the friend zone

A man with high testosterone exudes a cool, calm, collected, masculine confidence that the fairer sex can clearly feel.

When your man motor is firing on all cylinders, women take notice. Most will completely change the way they interact with you.

Disagree with me? Check your T. You may be low.

Get that shit fixed and then talk about men not being sexual. 

3. Depression

Think of all of history’s great men. What did they have in common?

They were conquerors.

The key to living life as a vibrant man is growth. A man takes an idea and manifests it into reality.

He also seeks constant growth.

Set your sights on something greater

Again, this is innate and hard-coded into our DNA.

Depression is the complete opposite of growth. In fact, the word literally means a lack of movement.

You’re either progressing or regressing.

And, regression is just another word for dying.

Lacking that powerful internal urge that propels you forward? Maybe it’s time to get your first batch of bloodwork done. 

4. Anxiety

Experiencing a general uneasiness during day-to-day life is another telltale sign you may need to consider testosterone replacement therapy.

Excessive worry, irritability, restlessness, and panic when no real threat is present are signs of anxiety.

Being in a constant “fight or flight” response makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, especially when you have low testosterone.

Michael Scott from The Office on the verge of a panic attack
Everyone stay calm!

Maybe it’s nature’s way of keeping you alert for predators since typically low T males were the first to be preyed upon.

Regardless, life is too awesome to not live optimally. Imagine waking up with a vibrant, confident, radiant energy pulsating through your veins.

Many new patients of testosterone replacement therapy describe this effect as an increased sense of well-being.

Sadly, it wasn’t until I got on TRT that I truly understood what “well-being” actually felt like.

5. Physical Issues

Is your hair falling out, man tits sagging, bones creaking, skin cracking or joints aching?

Many people accept these physical symptoms as a natural part of aging. As men age, our levels of testosterone production do decrease.

However, there is no reason to not have thick hair (unless you’re prone to balding, damn genetics), healthy skin, lean body mass, Superman strength and rock-solid bone density well into your Golden Years.

Fat, lazy man laying down with television remote
Just because this is how many modern men look doesn’t mean you should accept it

Believe otherwise? You’ve been lied to.

Even if you live a clean lifestyle, eat nutritiously and train regularly, you can still experience physical issues.

These would likely point to low testosterone.

6. Sleep Disturbances

You should have no problem falling asleep the minute your head hits the pillow. Those with high T have low levels of anxiety and depression, which are often primary causes of sleep issues.

Plus, a man who spends all day kicking ass is usually physically exhausted and more than ready to get a solid 8.

Sleep is serious business and is required to keep all of your important bodily and mental functions in check.

Man lays down with eyes wide open
Tired while wide awake is no fun

Whatever the reason behind your sleeplessness, it’s usually resolved once you get your hormones leveled out. 

7. Mental Changes

Have you noticed your memory isn’t as sharp as it once was? Or despite your best effort, you’re just unable to focus?

Low testosterone brings a blizzard of bad news when it comes to your mental faculties as well.

Forget the old “dumb jock” stereotype of only complete morons being able to achieve athletic condition.

Dumb jock freaking out
Jacked doesn’t always mean dumb

Testosterone has more of an effect on your mental state than you’d think.

In a society where everyone has a mental condition, practitioners, psychologists and psychiatrists are quick to push pills for just about anything.

Have you gone full pharma but still feel like shit? Maybe it’s time to toss your scripts in the trash.

Consider testosterone replacement therapy if you’d like to operate with consistent energy, focus, and a razor-sharp memory.  

Is testosterone replacement therapy for you?

Yes, life happens.

Sometimes, you’ll be beaten up, dragged around and just worn down. This ebbs and flows are naturally and make us who we are today.

However, if you’ve only ever experienced an underlying shitty feeling despite the highs and lows, you might want to get checked out.

Worried about the negative stigma? Don’t be. There is no good excuse as to why you shouldn’t be the best version of you. 

I remember feeling embarrassed and ashamed when first considering testosterone replacement therapy.

Luckily, I followed through. And once I got my testosterone levels into range, I could give a shit less what society thought. I look and feel great.

There is no reason to not feeling like springing out of bed, seizing the day and making the world yours. Every. Single. Morning.

Seriously, do you generally feel like a weak, lazy, whiny bitch? Well, let’s do something about it.

We live in the 21st Century where men can be women and women can be men. And society doesn’t seem to bat an eye.

Who really cares if you are a man who wants to be a man?

What to do if you think you may need testosterone replacement therapy

I suggest doing more intensive research. In all seriousness, messing with your hormones is not a decision to be taken lightly.

I can give you anecdotal evidence all day long. But, for something more in-depth, definitely check out to start taking your health into your own hands.

The fact you’re here means you are already on the right path.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey to self-optimization.

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