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High Testosterone Side Effects: 10 Social Benefits


How high testosterone side effects impact you socially

It’s no mystery that testosterone is powerful. Why else would so many men (and even some women) seek to increase testosterone levels.

And with great power comes great consequences.

High testosterone side effects gif
You shall not pass

Most are likely aware of the physical high testosterone side effects.

For this post, I’m going to change things up a bit and cover a topic most don’t. The behavioral changes others exhibited once I finally tackled my low testosterone.

The world reflects what you project. When you set out to conquer it with all systems firing in check, you’ll notice immediate changes.

Here are 10 high testosterone side effects I experienced socially once I began to began to create a more positive, powerful, masculine vibe.

1. Unsolicited Smiles

People in general are much more friendly to males with high testosterone.

I receive unsolicited smiles all day long. From both men and women.

Ugly Betty man smile funny gif
I never said “good” smile

You may doubt the mere presence of testosterone alone is responsible. And I would have initially tended to agree with you.

However, I do believe the cumulation of common high testosterone side effects such as increased confidence and sense of overall well-being make people much more receptive to your presence.

In fact, don’t be surprised when people start seeking you out for leadership, advice or just for the sake of being in your proximity.

2. Increased Eye Contact

You’ll be amazed at the increased gazes thrown your way once you begin TRT. This is just one of many increased indicators of interest you’ll likely notice.

Whether you’re speaking one-on-one or casually strolling through a crowded mall, people will make firm eye contact with you.

Bubbles Trailer Park Boys staring gif
Must like what he sees…

In conversation this is especially nice because you know people actively trying to listen and take in all they can of you.

When walking out and about, it’s also a nice positive reinforcement to your confidence when attractive women throw a fuck-me-eyed fastball your way.

Just be sure to not break the gaze. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of cuties nervously looking away or releasing a girly giggle as you lock eyes and non-verbally seduce them from afar. 

3. People Want to Be Around You

I’ve always been somewhat of an introvert and usually spend my time alone. Introversion in my case is not to be confused with anti-social.

I love people and can talk with just about anyone on any given topic. But, I’m not normally the one to seek out this sort of attention.

Max Anderson still horny funny hug Billy Madison gif high testosterone benefits
Aren’t we all?

Luckily, TRT helps me from becoming a complete recluse. Which would likely happen left to my own devices.

Whenever I’m out and about, people appear to naturally gravitate into my orbit. And no, I’m not talking about the typical slack-jawed idiot who stops in the middle of an airport walkway to randomly stare at the sky.

It’s more like people can sense you’ve got something good going on. And want to be a part of it. Conversely, those with low testosterone may experience more anti-social behavior.

Again, this is doubly true with females.

You’ll notice very quickly that there is much less physical space between you when you communicate with the opposite sex.

4. Increased Trust

For some reason, I feel like I’ve turned into a pseudo-psychologist after optimizing my testosterone level.

My friends even joke about my “face that people want to talk to”.

And talk they do!

Funny urinal vegan meme
Every single time

No joke. I’m still sometimes tickled how strangers will seek me out in a crowd and proceed to dump some pretty heavy shit on me once I lend an ear.

Amongst family, friends and colleagues, I’ve also turned into the go-to guy for advice.

I assume this is an effect of the increased calm, confidence and focus that comes along with high testosterone. 

5. Less Interruptions

Most of the time, I’m alone in my own little world as I go about my day.

Like an outsider looking in, I simply observe others as I move forward on my mission. Confrontation is now a rarity.

Beavis and Butthead shut up gif
Some people still might not get it

When I do converse or debate face-to-face (not to be confused with keyboard warriors veiled in anonymity), I experience a high degree of respect that simply didn’t exist before.

No longer do others attempt to speak over me. Nor do I have to rapid-fire a quick succession of hurried speech to get a point across.

I speak. Others listen.

If not, I politely end the interaction and continue along my merry little way.   

6. No More Excuses or Lies

Since testosterone makes you less afraid and less anxious, it also makes you less likely to put up with someone’s bullshit.

Once you remove the mental barriers preventing you from getting what you want, it’s much easier to set healthy boundaries with others.

Pinocchio funny lie meme
I don’t remember that part in Pinocchio

My patience is thin, but I’m able to set very clear expectations of how others will interact with me. After a while, this usually isn’t even necessary in the first place. People just seem to kind of get it.

Overall, I’ve experienced a severe reduction in time wasting, excuses, and bold-faced lies tossed my way. 

To the point of them becoming almost non-existent in my current reality.

7. People Get Out of Your Way

During times when I’m not in a mood receptive to conversation, people also intuitively know to stay the fuck away.

No, I don’t bang my broad chest like King Kong atop the Empire State Building, accompanied with guttural grunts.

People must just notice that I’m walking with a purpose. And innately know I’m not to be dealt with. At least at that given moment.

Move Bitch Get Out The Way funny meme
“Move Bitch, Get Out The Way”
– Ludacris

The same masculine presence that draws people into your orbit also keep them out of your space when you want to be left alone.

Doors open, crowds clear and strangers sidestep when I’m coming through.   

8. Naturally Appoint You the Leader

When you marry a cool, calm and collected mental state with an imposing physique, people properly respond to your presence.

Kim Jong Un supreme leader gif
Some may even say I’m a “supreme leader”

In just about any sort of social situation, others seem to suddenly turn to me for answers or guidance.

Even in a foreign country where I clearly look like I’m not local, people will still stop to solicit directions.

Or ask me about the status of a gate change at the airport. Some even seem to stand around waiting until I make the decision to move.

You’ll likely notice events like this happening fairly frequently also. 

9. Better Customer Service

Customer service is something I look forward to receiving now. Especially since it’s almost always a positive experience.

Sure, you’ll encounter the occasional dipshit from time to time. That’s bound to happen. Sometimes, you just can’t avoid stupid.

Nick Burns computer guy stupid meme
How’d he know?

But, that’s usually the exception and certainly not the rule. In fact, I’m almost constantly offered upgrades, promotions, discounts and opportunities that never appeared to exist before.

When you project strength, people seek to please. 

10. More Unsolicited Sex

Since the day I popped my first shot, women also appear to notice something different about me.

Rather than chasing tail like a desperate scavenger, opportunities for sex suddenly started coming my way.

Paul Rudd Anchorman sex panther high testosterone side effects
It’s called Sex Panther by Odeon

Now, this definitely doesn’t mean I no longer have to try at all. Instead, the effort becomes much easier. Until it becomes rather effortless at all.

Women of all ages and attraction levels started initiating conversations, touching more, making prolonged eye contact, and coming into my physical space.

Soon enough, many even started overtly making unsolicited offers for sex.

Despite what some sexless SOB may tell you, women love masculine men. And when they find one (hopefully you), they are often very aggressive in their pursuits.

More high testosterone side effects?

And there we have it friends. How about that for some high testosterone side effects?

This list will likely be much more inclusive once you start experiencing the changes in your world around you first-hand.

High testosterone side effects vs low testosterone
The results come quickly

Again, I would argue this new reality is an effect of the solid sense of self you gain once your hormonal profile is complete.

Feel free to share any questions or things I may have missed in the comments below.

Also, be sure to check out my other TRT-related articles.

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