Homemade Pre-workout: Bigger Gains, Smaller Costs

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What is pre-workout?

Whether you’re a vein-popping, mad-gainz sporting, dick-skin covered, seasoned gym freak or the newest of the newbs, you’ve probably used a supplement. Or two. Or two dozen.

Beast mode like the Hulk homemade pre-workout
Activate beast mode

Pre-workout comes in powder, liquid or pill form and essentially gives an extra boost to your workout.

The best homemade pre-workout will contain vitamins and supplements to help with intra-workout performance and prime you for optimal post-workout recovery.

What’s wrong with my current pre-workout supplement?

The only problem is that many pre-workouts don’t really work.

Most pre-workouts contain crazy amounts of caffeine or other stimulants. So you will likely experience a noticeable boost in energy. But, that’s probably about the only benefit you’ll get.

Andy Samberg on meth pre-workout meme
Every day is a good day when you lift

Although there is a lot of ambiguity regarding which supplements actually work, there is a constant. The absolutely insane prices.

Supplement companies are in business to make money. There is nothing really special about any of their products. What you pay for are the branding and marketing costs.

What pre-workout mix should I use?

I’ve experienced many different supplements throughout the years and have since whittled them down to ones that actually work. 

And here’s a dirty little trick I’d like to share. You don’t have to buy prepackaged pre-workout. 

For the cost of a two-week supply of beautifully-branded pre-workout powders, you can buy the same bulk ingredients in no-frills packaging straight from Amazon. Which will last you for months. 

Negatives of mixing your own pre-workout powder

Are you more concerned about being seen with trendy pre-workout rather than actually supplementing your workout and recovery? How about repping brands instead of repping weights?

Stop reading now. This article isn’t for you.

The gym is your sanctuary. Get in. Go to work. Get out.

If you’re the guy who only goes to the gym to be seen in the gym or sport the latest gym gear, go somewhere else. Like a gay bar.

Guy in short shorts at the gym meme
No, your face does

Also, if you’re big on taste, drink a soda. We’re not making cocktails here. Your only goal with pre-workout supplementation is to give your muscles what they need to work and recover more effectively.

I’ll be the first to tell you. When you buy bulk ingredients and mix them in water, the concoction is going to taste like fermented horse piss.

Suck it up. Close your eyes, plug your nose, and throw that shit back straight like your granddad’s well whiskey.

If you must, mix in some regular (if you crave carbs pre-workout) or sugar-free Crystal Light, juice mix, Gatorade or Powerade to mask the taste.

How to make your own best homemade pre-workout

Since discovering this little trick, I can’t recall the last time I’ve actually gone to a supplement store. There’s really no reason to drop hundreds of dollars on some shit I’ve never heard of that will likely generate zero results and last for less than 30 days.

Minimize supplement costs with homemade pre-workout
Time to cut out the middleman

However, you will want to start off by getting an idea of what pre-workout supplements are already out there. You may already have your favorite.

Find one you like and take a look at the ingredient list. There you will find the “patented” portions that give you the maddest pumps and increased performance.

Or you can save the time and money involved with experimentation and skip this step. Trust me. When you look at enough supplements, you’ll realize the ingredients are all about the same.

Honestly, I don’t remember which popular pre-workout I based this list on. But, it doesn’t really matter. Here are the bulk supplements I purchase and mix myself at home.

Click on the recommended link and the manufacturer has conveniently identified the correct portion size and spoon, assuming you mix everything in a 1:1 ratio across the blend.

Ready to purchase everything you need right now? Here’s my homemade pre-workout Amazon list.

1. Pure Creatine Ethyl Ester Powder (CEE)

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