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Usurper? How Joe Biden May Steal the US 2020 Election


Will Biden the Usurper Steal the 2020 United States Election?

Regardless of whether you stand behind Joe Biden or Donald Trump the 2020 United State election has called one very serious issue into question. The integrity of our great republic at risk of an usurper.

Response to claims of massive voter fraud result in a complete media blackout. I have compiled a list of ways that illustrate how potential fraud was afoot and Biden may be an usurper instead of legal President-elect.

Ballot Dumping

Article 77 in Pennsylvania requires that all votes after 8pm not be counted. This is to keep ballot dumping from occurring. The reason why is the same as if a person shows up to the polls at 9pm. It is too late, and their vote is not official. Primarily this serves to eliminate the possibility of votes being counted and then having more votes added to help the usurper take office.

This is precisely the case in Pennsylvania. Who, under the directive of their Supreme Court, allowed votes to be counted over the three days period following the election. Whereby, it makes the date of November 3rd an arbitrary number that is not the exact day of voting.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court moved the goalpost to allow almost explicitly Biden votes to be counted after the ballots were closed. Additionally, the state Supreme Court influenced the elections by changing the law, directly violating the Constitution, and overriding their state legislature. 

The Constitution explicitly states that each state legislature chooses how they will operate their elections, NOT the court. 

Single-sided Ballot Injection

What are the chances of an anomaly happening twice, in neighboring states, within one hour?

Others report a 65,000-ballot dump that was all for Biden. This occurred at 4:00am in Wisconsin and verified through the chain of custody. Additionally, there was a 139,499-ballot dump in Michigan. This also occurred around 4:00am. With all votes favoring Biden the Usurper.

The chain of custody for these ballots were also called into question as well. In both instances, these tens of thousands of ballots were dropped off after the polls were closed in each state.

With 100% of the votes going to former Vice President and Senator Joseph Biden, this is directly indicative of a mass ballot injection. And thereby election manipulation by the potential usurper.

Sudden Vote Counting Stop

More so, vote counting immediately stopped in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and other state precincts when tabulations indicated Trump was well ahead of Biden. The vote counting halt happened directly before the known vote injections.

This is strongly indicative of a leading motive behind why the counting was suddenly stopped. 

What other reason was there to explicitly stop counting when Texas and Florida, the second and third most populous states in the union, were both able to count their millions of more votes before midnight?

Is Mainstream Media Meddling and Malfeasance the Real Usurper?

The media, especially Fox News, called states early for Biden and waited to call states for President Trump. For example, Biden lost more counties in Texas than any Democratic candidate in history. Yet, Fox and the other MSM (mainstream media) outlets did not call Texas for Trump until hours later.

The same unfair practice occurred in Florida, where President Trump pulled ahead by a large margin but was not awarded the state. In the meantime, the MSM called Arizona for Biden as soon as the polls closed. Even though the race was within a 1% margin between the two presidential candidates.

The MSM is being called into question for manipulating public perception to make it seem as if Biden had a clear lead over Trump. This began well before the mass election fraud witnessed from grassroots reporting organizational counting discrepancies and clear statistical errors beyond reasonable explanation.

The MSM wanted the public to BELIEVE Trump was already beginning to lose. All in an effort to sell their “big” lie.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

Some more ways the election may have been influenced

There is now another major discrepancy in Michigan where the Democrat Senator has 70,000 less votes than Biden. All while Trump and the Republican Senator have nearly the same number of votes. This means that on 70,000 ballots, Biden received the sole vote. With no down ballot races or propositions marked.

Why is this important? Well, only 4% of the population in Michigan said they would vote for a different party’s senator than their presidential pick. Meaning, the amount of votes the Senatorial and Presidential candidates should’ve been relatively the same.

This deviation creates a significant margin of error that statistically could not occur without direct manipulation. Biden received roughly 10x the number of votes between the Democrat Senator and him. Significantly greater than the 4% degree of variance and a statistical anomaly.

Again, these +70,000 voters only voted for Joe Biden and no other ballot items. Who do you know who would only fill in one bubble on their ballot, sign it and turn it in?

Discrepancies All Point to the Usurper

Investigators found this same discrepancy outside of Michigan as well. In Georgia, +96,000 votes explicitly went only to Biden. Yet did not go to the Democrat senator or any other items on the ballot. Thus, showing again, another major ballot injection into a key area where Biden was lagging exceedingly behind.

These injections all occurred after the vote counting halted. This explains the major increases in the polls for Biden on the dates of November 4th and 5th.

These jumps happened for Biden, despite all the other Democratic candidates not seeing the same increases. Illustrating, yet another time, votes with only one bubble filled in and nothing else.

While Biden gained 96,000 ballots marked only for him, Trump and the GOP Senator only had a difference of 816 votes in the entire state of Georgia. Meaning, of the hundreds of thousands of votes, only 816 people did not vote for both the Republican Senator and the Republican Presidential candidate.

This is in line with how ballots look statistically when there are no signs of vote manipulation, or injections.

Anything else may suggest we have an usurper at foot.

Voting Machine Malfunctions

Lastly, the Dominion voting machines proved to “glitch” in some Michigan counties. With votes recounted by hand, President Trump clearly won by a large margin.

If the votes were not hand counted, Trump would still be considered a loser in those counties. Yet these same machines are present in a litany of battleground states, including Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Who is to say that the integrity of these machines has not been compromised as well? Especially when we are already seeing this in multiple areas elsewhere.

The Election Has Not Been Certified

In fact, it’s just beginning

The Supreme Court is ordering the recounts as we speak. However, the Mainstream Media (MSM) already declared a Biden/Harris usurper victory.

Despite increasingly new evidence of voter fraud, the MSM completely ignores the recounts and Supreme Court notions to undermine the validity of the election’s integrity.

Ultimately, MSM rushes to legitimize Biden as the winner for the public to believe their ruse.

The media does not choose the president of the United States.

MSM has no power on that decision. They can only influence you to make that choice. 

These actions further cast doubt on the legitimacy of the elective system by swaying public sentiment and censoring those who speak out against the fraud.

We are in a time-critical information war with their misleading rhetoric.

If their plan works, the MSM effectively be able to dismantle power from the Supreme Court. Not to mention strong arm Republican and Democrat leadership who are standing up against this fraud and who advocate for integrity.

Essentially this communicates “Here is what we did to President Trump and the Supreme Court… and we will do this to you too if you do not fall in line”.

Our Republic is at Risk of an Usurper

The case will likely be taken up by The US Supreme Court

The integrity of our elective process is under a massive stress test as we speak. We are all integral parts in the process of seeing this play out legally under the Constitution.

Do not believe or accept what they are telling you otherwise. Only courts, the legislature, and the election offices can decide for sure the outcome of the 2020 United States general election.

Right now, that decision might take weeks. Again, the media does not decide for you who the legitimate de facto president of our country is. We do. 

Please give the courts and election officials time to sort this gross undermining of our election system out. Do not accept the false and misleading information force-fed to you.

Try to research all the current counts of voter fraud, or the videos showing people carting ballots into the election offices, election officials throwing away ballots, invalidating ballots, or simply blocking people from viewing the tabulation.

Act Now to Stop the Usurper!

We are in a systematic, well-organized media blackout. The current counts of fraud and court proceedings is enough to very strongly suggest a defrauding of the United States electoral system.

Share this publicly and you too will be censored or listed as “false information”. Perception is not reality. The reality is Biden the usurper is likely stealing this election out from under your nose.

But it’s not too late.

We are in a time-sensitive information war. Anything else you come across needs to be disseminated as quickly as possible.

We are stronger in numbers we know the truth.

There are more of us than you think, and we all stand for the Constitution that created our great nation indivisible under God.

We are at risk of losing our republic (and potentially freedom) under Biden the usurper.

Will you let that happen?

Have you witnessed election fraud? Visit to submit your evidence!

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