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How a Public School Pedophile Molested “Countless” Boys


Pedophilia in public schools

It’s no news that public education is largely worthless in today’s modern world.

K-12 schools do nothing to prepare pupils for the “real world” and act more as a feeder to specialized socialist indoctrination programs. AKA college. 

Nowadays, anything worth learning is easily accessible on YouTube. And usually actual experts of the subject are the ones who teach.

But, that doesn’t stop folks from corralling their kids to K-12 government-sponsored daycare centers.

Public school pedophile anal exams funny sign meme

As with any institution that doesn’t pay for performance, the public school system is the perfect place for some seedy characters. Including one of the most prolific public school pedophiles you never heard about.

The public school pedophile

Bill was hands down the most popular teacher at the high school. And he had been for more than 40 years.

Although Bill had retired years prior, he was a beloved figure and some might say, a minor celebrity in his small community. 

So nobody thought anything of it when he would hang out around the school during the day. 

Creepy Joe Biden pedophile gif
Yep, there’s Bill

He’d often make unannounced visits to various classrooms, produce odd comments to kids in the hall and “assist” (being present yet never really helping in any meaningful way) many extracurricular activities.

But, we’ll get back to Bill in a minute. First, if my stomach can handle it, let’s take more of a look at this disturbing topic.

Anatomy of a public school pedophile

DEFINITION: Pedophilia is characterized by intense recurring sexual fantasies, desires or acts involving children. 

Most pedophiles are men and most, fortunately, never act on their fantasies. Men in this camp may receive “treatment” for this disorder with a combination of psychotherapy and drugs. 

Bo Burnham pedophile joke gif

Pedophiles who do act on those urges are criminals, plain and simple. Since the victims are children, I place them in the same “piece of shit human” category as murders, rapists, arsonists, thieves, communists, etc. 

Disclaimer: Any comments defending pedophilia will be deleted. Additionally, sharing anything related to harming a child will get you reported to the appropriate authorities. And hopefully shot. This is not up for debate.

Why pedophiles are repulsive

Luckily, I’ve always liked very well-developed women, so I’m by no means an expert on the topic of pedophilia. But, I couldn’t imagine how much it would suck for my personal sexual preferences to be universally unethical.

Pedophilia is wrong because children do not have the ability to consent. More-so, they are not fully developed physically, emotionally, mentally and yes, even sexually. There is no such thing as a child who is “mature for their age”. 

Kid mature for age meme

As the cultural war heats up, you will see more and more mass media attempts to normalize pedophilia. It is not normal. It is gross. And it causes permanent damage to the human psyche and is a plague that perpetuates itself generation after generation.

If you did come across this site by accident after searching for “pedophile”, I invite you to sign this pledge to NEVER harm any child.

What to do if you’re a pedophile

Do you have desires to act upon children sexually? Then yes, you’re a pedophile. 

Now, if you haven’t acted upon those urges I highly recommend you get yourself to a therapist IMMEDIATELY.

Mr. Jefferson South Park gif

Unfortunately, our culture is trying to pitch pedophilia as the new civil rights issue although many therapists still won’t touch the issue because of the serious ethical considerations.

Luckily, I came across a charity that provides a plethora of resources for parents, public educators, mental health professionals, and yes, even pedophiles.

Pedophilic thought vs. action

There is a difference between thought and action. If I were prosecuted for every time I wanted to run over a pedestrian who stops in the middle of a crosswalk, I would’ve been locked up a long time ago.

I mean seriously, who checks their phone while in the middle of a crosswalk? Even worse is when I’m sitting at that one 6-minute light that every town seems to have. But, I digress.

Girl on cell phone hit by car funny gif
Wait for it…

But, having thoughts is not a crime. It’s when you don’t dismiss a thought that you begin to give it life. When these thoughts start to excite you and convert to fantasy, this is a red flag.

And of course, once you commit a crime against a child, you’re obviously a criminal. 

Which brings us back to Bill…

Introduction to a public school pedophile

A bit of a quirk, Bill appeared to just be a quiet old man. With presumably nothing else better to do with his time.

Born in a bygone era sometime around the Great War, Bill never managed to marry or father any kids of his own. Although this is the status quo for many men today, back in the day of closeted gays, this should have been a major red flag to public educators.

Family Guy Herbert the Pervert pedophile popsicle gif funny

After receiving some sort of inheritance (and with no wife or kids), Bill had himself somewhat of a small fortune. Bill began his educational career in the 1960’s since he didn’t really need to work. And had a natural “gift” for being around kids.

Bill’s pedophile plan of attack

For a period spanning 40+ years, Bill would select groups of 2-5 boys and invite them to an all-expenses-paid trip out of town to catch a professional sporting event.

Bill’s town was about 200 miles from a major city with multiple professional sports teams. So he’d would simply book a puddle-hopper flight and pack a group of boys into a small hotel room.

Jeffrey Epstein creepy smile pedophile
Creeper smile

This was something that occurred almost every weekend. 

Now, since Bill was one of the “cool” teachers, these were highly-sought after trips. Spending a weekend with Bill usually gained you immediate access to the “cool kids club” at school.

Of course, nobody really knew any better at the time.

How I avoided the public school pedophile

Luckily, I was 100 pounds overweight and so foul that not even a child molester would attempt to diddle my dong.

But I do recall sitting in many classes where Bill would pop in to personally pick off classmate after classmate. At times, I even became quite angry that an invite was never sent my way.

In all seriousness, many who have been victims of sexual abuse engage in self-harm behaviors, including drug use, indiscriminate sex, body mutilation (agressive tattoos, piercings) and fat gain. 

Google "Gary Glitter" pedophile meme

Sadly, these victims regain control by hurting themselves so others will not get close enough to cause any future harm. Unfortunately, they are often indiscriminate with who they do allow into their lives and the spiral of negativity continues.

All in all, public schooling felt more like serving a prison sentence. Just do your time and go through it as quickly as you can.

And likely most people who came across Bill did just that. And never thought much more of him than an odd old man.

The public school pedophile gets caught

Some years later, local rumors started circulating that Bill had fondled a boy on one of his many weekend excursions.

When the first kid came forward, Bill was arrested, but immediately released.

Even the police knew Bill was innocent. 

Plus, the cops were all former students who adored the charismatic old man.

Bill was beloved. 

South Park Mr Graizer boy scouts public school pedophile gif

The boys were extremely reluctant to come forth, fearing severe damage to their reputation in a community that adored Bill so much, they even named an entire school annex after him.

With Bill’s sterling local reputation following decades of public service, the community scoffed at such an outrageous accusation. 

In fact, nobody believed such nonsense. Not even me.

Until another boy came forward.

Then another.

Then MANY others.

Still the small-town population refused to believe it.

How in the literal hell could a feeble old man in a state of mental and physical decay be capable of such crimes?

To most, it seemed remarkable how an elderly man could not only convince adolescent boys to sleep with him, but keep them silent for years.

That is, until Bill himself spilled the beans. Identifying “countless” victims during the ensuing investigation.

How pedophiles select victims

Bill always seemed to pick kids with obvious family, financial, academic, social, or emotional problems. And oftentimes, a combination of the above.

Parody of pedophiles who go abroad

Which, in a super screwed-up way, makes complete sense.

Who would believe someone lacking Bill’s level of social standing to cry “rape” against a well-respected member of the community? 

Long before he was ever caught, Bill was already fraying and frail. Hell, anyone with the slightest bit of upper body strength could’ve easily Hulk-handed him a super-sized serving of ass-whooping.

Yet no one did.

Bill The Pedophile had a perfect plan to pick the perfect victims.

Go for the boy without a strong male figure in his life.

Who else would teach these boys how to set hard boundaries and pound the living piss out of any old fart who dare pinch their peckers?

Why pedophiles pick public schools

Public schools serve as surrogate fathers for children brought up in single-parent families. Often sponsored by Section 8, EBT, WIC, free-and-reduced lunches and a host of other parasitic programs put forth to replace the man of the house. 

Public school better than private school meme

In other words, public schools appear to provide fertile hunting ground for the clandestine pedophile on the prowl.

Of course, this doesn’t even take into consideration the remarkable increase in female public educators who commit sexual crimes against minors.

Naturally, perpetrators of this crime are going to go where their victims are at. In Bill’s case, the local high school was his perfect place.

What happened to the public school pedophile?

Eventually, Bill confessed to the crimes and described “countless” encounters over the course of 40+ years in his public school career.

Due to a perceived jury bias, the state moved the trial to the nearest major city. Bill eventually received a conviction of 10 years in prison. In 2015, Bill received parole for “good behavior”. And being damn near 100 years old. After serving only 5 years of his sentence!

Bill public school pedophile
Coming to a neighborhood near you

Bill is now a feeble, old, man who will likely die soon. All alone.

Now a complete outcast, he likely fills his days sitting on house arrest waiting to take his last breath.

Although poetic justice is sweet, it still doesn’t make up for the countless lives impacted by such sickening crimes.

Don’t be a bystander. Be on lookout for a Bill near you.

Pedophile facts

  • Sexual violence against children can happen across all cultures, languages, countries, and social classes
  • Children with disabilities have the highest likelihood of victimhood (double disgusting, I know!)
  • Pedophiles often victimize pre-pubescent girls and boys equally
  • Perpetuators of child sexual abuse are often close to the victim
  • In 1 of 5 cases of pedophilia, the perpetrator is a woman
  • In 1 of 2 cases of childhood sexual abuse, the perpetrator is another minor!

Pedophile prevention resources

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