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7 Everyday Essentials Men Should Buy in Multiples


Why buy in multiples

Are you a man on the move?

You’ve got places to go and people to see.

When you have things going on, you may not know where your day is going to end up taking you.

Efficiency is the mark of a prepared man.

Once my life became more adventurous, I quickly learned that I need to have some men’s everyday essentials within reach at all times.

To get you ahead of the pack, here’s a list of things I recommend to buy in multiples, and keep within reach.

1. Deodorant

When you train, which I assume you’re already doing, you’ll get pretty proficient at perspiration.

Double this if you live in the asshole of America, Houston.

There’s only one thing I hate more than sweating like a Tijuana street whore. Smelling like one.

Mr T stinky pits

I’m often on the go and often find myself without a backup supply of pit stick. That is until I started buying the olfactory godsend in bulk.

Now, I never have to worry about stinking like a dead skunk after I’ve walked up the stairs a little too fast.

I keep deodorant in my gym bag, messenger bag, office desk drawer, bathroom, kitchen cabinet, car, you name it.

At any point I catch a whiff of my not-so-pleasant self, I swipe a strip or two.

Bonus tip: For whatever reason, I find the antiperspirant actually makes me sweat more. To avoid the same issue, go for the regular Spirit Stick.

While we’re on the subject of stealthy stinky smells, keep some breath mints and travel-sized colognes of your signature scent in the same places. 

2. Foot spray

Continuing the topic of foul odors, I also can’t stand a serious case of foot funk.

Our shoes serve as the perfect Petri dish for paedo-packed bacteria and fungi.

Any time I’m taking off or putting on a separate set of shoes, I give them a quick mist of antifungal foot spray.

Aside from never smelling like I walked barefoot through a public restroom, I’ve also never had a case of athletes foot or trench toe.

Man in public bathroom barefoot
Just don’t

Next time you’re $2 shy from Amazon free shipping or perusing the pharmacy aisles, grab a pack of store-brand antifungal foot spray. Or anything else you may need to buy in multiples.

Tonalfate is the active ingredient you’re looking for.

Keep multiples of this item near any area you might be exchanging footwear.

Especially the gym.

For whatever reason, many men treat the gym locker room like their own personal toilet. I wouldn’t be caught dead changing shoes in the gym without applying a liberal amount of foot spray during the 10 seconds I’m changing shoes.

3. Phone chargers

So your latest Instagram THOT shot you an unsolicited pussy pic and now you need to reply with your key cock shot.

Only problem? Your battery has been borderline dead all damn day.

Phone battery dying meme
Ain’t that the truth

Uploading a grainy photo of your twig and berries will surely put the final nail in the battery-life coffin.

By now, your latest digitally-mediated sexual fantasy has surely moved along to bigger and better things. Pun intended.

Do yourself a favor and keep a phone charger and plug connected to a working outlet at all times.

Nevermore will you have to paw through your pockets trying to recall where you left the lifeline to your universal remote control.

Any place you set down your phone should have a charger within reach.

Nightstand, office desk, car center divider, countertop, couch, etc.

Pro Tip: Buy a bundle of extension chords to weave through your couch cushions, giving you a personalized power supply when you’re kicking back. Don’t overload the outlet though, I don’t want to be blamed because your dumbass short-circuited a dollar store electrical extension and burned your damn house down. 

4. Writing device

Do you crack yourself up multiple times of day for no Godly reason?

Finally remember a single lyric to that old prom song you’ve been incorrectly humming all day?

How about that one-off bill you need to pay that you swear you’ll surely forget?

Write this shit down.

How to write good
Do you write good?

At all times you need to have a way to record your thoughts. Be it paper and pen, strategically-placed notepads, Post-its, word processor, etc.

Tip: You likely have one in your hand right now. Sync your notes to the Apple cloud, Dropbox or Google Drive so all of your thoughts are consolidated in one central location.

I personally like taking handwritten notes. I find to-do lists and fleeting thoughts are more effectively committed to memory when I make that motor-mental connection. 

5. $1 bills

Too hungover to open the curtains and face the world for fear it’ll reflect how much a piece of shit you are back to you?

Maybe you order a pizza but realize you don’t have any spare bills to tip the poorly-paid delivery person who is here to salvage your spent afternoon.

Coffee runs at the office but you don’t want to Venmo your intern $3?

How about paying a parking meter or toll?

Don’t be a dick and inconvenience others for your lack of planning.

Keep a wad of $1s anywhere a product may be delivered or a roll of quarters for the meter fairy in the car.

Eastbound and Down make it rain
I do not endorse “making it rain” outside of a strip club

Yes, $1 bills do have more utility outside of tipping strippers.

Once you’re running low, re-up next time you’re at the back or are offered cashback.

I have at least 20 loose $1s in my miscellaneous drawer, office drawer and car center divider at all times.

Never again do I have to pretend to rummage for change knowing damn well my personal pizza prophet will be leaving without a tip.

Bonus: People will also think you’re smarter than the average bear and more prepared than an Eagle Scout to make it rain. 

6. Lighters

I’m not much of a smoker, with the exception of an occasional cigar.

But, I can’t count how many times I’ve needed a piece of plastic-encased flint for other purposes.

I usually have a lighter in my pocket, drawers, balcony, porch, bbq, or bag. Pretty much anywhere you’d also keep a pen or anything else you buy in multiples.

Not only am I never without a light, but I’m also always the guy to save the day when that “she smokes she pokes” cutie at the club is in need of a quick spark.

Penis lighter funny
Lighten up

Regardless of the scenario, providing light is an instant conversation starter.

I have a buddy who’s never smoked in his life and carries his grandpa’s WWII standard-issue Zippo lighter everywhere he goes.

And yes, many fun nights have been had as a result of this instant ice breaker. Bystanders are almost always impressed also. 

7. Condoms 

Once you start carrying yourself like a man, you’ll be surprised at the amount of sex that seems to sprout up at the most unexpected times.

Naturally, you don’t want to be a deadbeat dipshit dad, spawn a future welfare rat or permanently put yourself on the disabled list after coming down with a permanent case of crotch rot.

Archer meme, do you want kids?
Prevent the 18-year STD known as pregnancy

Wrap that shit up.

Since the last thing I want to be fishing for is a latex lifesaver, I keep condoms strategically placed in locations sex is likely to happen.

Between my mattress and box spring, under couch cushions, in my toiletry bag, gym bag and even carry on bag.

Yes, airport bar sluts will bang in airport bathrooms. Or the San Francisco lactation station.

Once you start being seen as a sexual object, you need to be prepared at all times.

I prefer the Durex Invisible Ultra Thin line. It’s the thinnest one I’ve found and literally feels like there’s nothing at all. That is until your shaft is stewing in your recently-released swimmers.

Be sure to tie off the top, squeeze for leaks and send your spunk down the shitter. 

Begin buying in multiples today

So there you have it folks.

Seven men’s everyday essentials that you should start buying in multiples today. You’ll also want to make sure that you keep these items within reach at all times.

Of course, there are many more things you could probably add to this list. By no means is it all-inclusive.

But, this should give you a nice starting point to ensure you’re never caught off guard next time you’re in need of an everyday essential.

Fanny pack funny
Now, where to put everything?

When you’re a man on the go, you’ll be surprised at how these niceties often become necessities.

Not only will these things help up your game, but they’ll also make your life a whole of a hell lot easier.

Whether you run out and buy my recommended multiples or have your own list of men’s everyday essentials, get in the habit of buying things you use frequently in multiples.

It’s a hell of a lot easier than having to always look for the same shit over and over.

No longer do I have to remember to bring a phone charger or any other common item. If it’s something I use, it’s within reach regardless of where I may roam.

Can you think of anything else every man should buy in multiples?

Be sure to comment below. 

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