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TRT Side Effects: 10 Physical Changes Nobody Talks About


Worried about side effects of TRT?

I’m sure you’re well aware of the importance of testosterone by now. You’ve probably already started asking yourself if you have low T or not. But what about the TRT side effects?

low vs high testosterone animated image with symptoms
Which one are you?

First off, congratulations on taking your first steps to feel like a complete man!

I too was heading down the same TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) journey as you. Pouring through online blogs to source every morsel of T-related intel before taking the plunge to start popping pins in my skin.

Don’t be scared by articles on negative side effects of TRT

The media and popular culture have waged an all-out war on masculinity. As a logical extension, it makes sense to go after the biological building block of masculinity. Testosterone.

Going on any medical protocol is a serious decision and should not be taken lightly. And yes, there is the potential for negative side effects.

As long as you do your research, consult with a reputable provider and get on the correct dose, your life is going to change for the better. In fact, having optimal testosterone levels is nothing short of awesome! In every imaginable way.

Low vs. high testosterone

Once you get on TRT, you’ll quickly begin to focus on ways to optimize every other area of your life. This plethora of positive changes will completely mitigate any minor negative side effects of TRT you may experience, which you likely won’t.

I’ve been through the process and was right where you are. Now that I have my dose dialed in, I figured I’d share 10 amazing physical TRT side effects I’ve noticed. 

1. Higher-quality skin, hair, and nails

Testosterone is anabolic. Outside of the gym scene, anabolism simply refers to the ability to build more complex molecules from raw elements. This doesn’t just apply to muscle mass.

Since fixing my low T, I’ve discovered a considerable increase in the quality of my hair, skin, nails and any other soft tissue.

Fabio with luscious hair TRT side effects
Disclaimer: Full head of Fabio hair not guaranteed

My hair and fingernails even seem to grow much quicker than previously as well.

Don’t worry about hair loss, unless you’re predisposed to balding. If you’re going to lose it, you’re going to lose it. Testosterone or not.

And if you do start losing hair on your head? So what. Get jacked, grow a bad-ass beard and just bic it. Problem solved.

Acne shouldn’t be an issue either. What does cause acne is improper dosing or other hormonal imbalances. As long as you have your dose right and the rest of your hormones in check, acne should be non-existent. 

2. Stronger immune system

Most articles around the issue online state that testosterone actually suppresses the immune system. I’m no scientist, but anecdotally, I’ve found this far from the truth.

Matrix bullets, strong immune system TRT side effects
The immune system on TRT

Regardless, my immune system is rock-solid. I rarely get sick, aside from the occasional seasonal sniffles. When flu and cold season rolls around, everyone else is running to the doctor or staying home sick from work. Me? I just feel a slight bit off for a day or two, with no major physical ailments.

If you do get a cold, just stick to the time-tested cure of chicken soup, sleep, and Sprite. Give it a day or two and you’ll be just fine.

Again, an impenetrable immune system is likely the result of eating right, training hard and sleeping well. All habits you’ll want to adopt once you start feeling optimized physically.  

3. Deeper, more resonate, more powerful voice and tonality

Most assume testosterone only makes your voice deeper. This is true since your vocal cords will lengthen a bit. But, you will notice some significant changes to your overall tone.

No, you won’t sound like Barry White overnight. Sorry soul child.

As your anxiety disappears and you add more mass to your frame your speech will slow, sound fuller and project more power. All of this adds to a richer, fuller, more resonate and more commanding vocal presence.  

It’s about what you say AND how you say it

Whether you decide to start TRT or not, you can still improve tonality. Check out these videos on how to develop a powerful voice. I still like to give these a watch from time to time. Especially before a big event, interview or presentation.

4. Thicker, fuller facial hair and better beard

Since I was a wee young lad, I quite fancied a full, luscious man mane.

The only problem? I could never grow one.

The best I ever achieved with low T was some wiry mutton chops and a fuzzy Mexi-stache.

Beards are a unique mark of manhood and signifier of masculinity. In fact, many studies claim that women prefer bearded men to their bare-faced brethren. Even websites dedicated to single women confirm this fact. Just be sure to keep yours well-grown and groomed.

Nick Offerman grow a beard TRT side effects
Wear yours loud and proud

Within months of beginning my TRT protocol, Patch Adams (former name for my face) soon transformed from a Fidel Castro pubic patch to being denser than the Ardennes Forest. 

Personally, I’ve yet to meet a single female who prefers me clean-shaven to fully-bearded. Of course, this is a self-selecting crowd. So take that tidbit with a grain of salt.

5. Sensation of higher body temperature

I’ve always run hot. In fact, as a former fatty teenager, this was the only way I’d get any possible play. Girls would actually snuggle up next to me for the sole purpose of stealing my precious body heat. Selfish.

Being a walking radiator is nothing new to me. However, I never realized that I could become even warmer.

Will Ferrell it's so damn hot
Or on fire, perhaps?

Yes, even with a far lower body fat percentage, living in a cooler climate and sporting no shirt half the time, my skin still feels warm to the touch.

Since I do dissipate so much body heat, I get cold really easily as well. This shouldn’t sound like a benefit per se. But, I’m sure your significant other(s) will warm up to your radiant self. In fact, they’ll probably ask for more than just a quick warm-up. If you catch my drift.

6. Increased muscle volume, density, and strength

When people think of testosterone, they usually imagine bodybuilders. Naturally so.

Obviously, when you optimize levels of the primary male sex hormone, you’re going to be bigger, stronger and faster. That’s how we’re designed.

Jimmy Balmer South Park muscle gain TRT side effects
Ready to get swole house?

Aside from the noticeable muscle and strength gains when you hit the weights, your bones, joints, cartilage, and connective tissues will all feel stronger. That’s because they will be.

I also feel much less likely to suffer physical injury since starting TRT. Let’s say you do decide to get a little overzealous with a lift and experience an injury. You’ll be amazed at your seemingly-superhuman ability to heal in no time. 

7. Decreased abdominal and overall body fat

There’s nothing like being lean, muscular and mean. All TRT side effects once you get everything in check.

Men naturally have less body fat than women, since our physical hardwire doesn’t require we sustain a separate life inside of us for 9 months.

Blame genetics all you want, but most modern men are fat because they eat like complete shit and walk around with high estrogen. Adipose tissue (fat) aromatases, which is the conversion of androgens to estrogens.

High estrogen in men TRT side effects
High estrogen in men is risky

The fatter you are, the more estrogen you will have. The more estrogen you have, the fatter you will become. It’s a vicious cycle.

A proper TRT regimen will also address the estrogen issue. Sure, testosterone naturally reduces body fat, but only to a degree. What it does do is reverse the fat cycle. As you become leaner and stronger, it becomes easier to gain muscle mass and maintain low body fat levels.

Additionally, you’ll notice that you actually can’t stand sitting around idly. And can physically feel the damage when you ingest poison in the form of crap food.

With proper TRT, your hormonal profile is primed for your beautiful genetic blueprint to correctly express itself. Get your diet, dosing, training and recovery right and you’re in for a lifetime of leanness. 

8. Improved posture

I’d always had poor posture.

As I kid I slouched so far forward that my teachers thought I’d develop a fucking hunchback!

Evolution to fat guy with bad posture
Evolution or de-evolution?

After years of walking with my head down, I started TRT and suddenly stood straight. I wouldn’t chalk this up to any immediate physical changes. Rather, it’s one of the many physical side effects of TRT from newfound self-confidence.

TRT provides a profound increase in the overall sense of well-being. This positive internal energy charge fills you with life and your head literally begins to elevate. This new life force drives me forward and the change is manifested in my posture.

Over time, the added muscularity also helps with posture. It’s hard to have a well-developed back that doesn’t naturally pull your shoulders back and butterfly your chest out.  

9. Increased sex drive

This should go without saying. Increase your male sex hormone, desire more sex.

What you don’t hear about is that you’re sexually primed all the damn time. You don’t necessarily walk around with your soldier at full salute. But, you’re instantly ready to go on command.

Barney Stinson salute funny gif
Make sure you suit up!

Learn to start off your days with morning wood once more. Man’s natural state is to be erect. When we drift into the deepest stages of sleep, our muscles relax and our members stand firm. Low T sufferers start to lose this ability.

Once you turn your T trouble around, you’ll start standing tall again. In more way than one. 

10. Increased endurance and sense of well-being

Get ready to feeling like a teenager once more. The women in your life will definitely thank you for this side effect. Hell, sometimes I can even keep going without even getting a refractory period.

When it comes to endurance, I’m not just talking about the sack here. In general, I just have a lot more energy than I ever did before.

I just felt like running

A stable, consistent “feel good” energy that pulses throughout my body. No more peaks and valleys here.

This is called well-being.

Sadly, it was a sensation I had never felt prior to getting my hormones in check.     

Get excited about the amazing TRT side effects nobody else talks about

And there you have it. Ten amazing physical side effects of TRT I noticed when I finally fixed my testosterone.

You might experience similar effects, you might not.

Which do you prefer?

What I can assure you, is that you will overall experience a higher quality of physical well-being all around. You just need to decide to take the plunge.

So what are you waiting for?

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